A background check procedure furnishes an organization with a slew of data and metrics. But measuring certain specific key performance indicators can help a company in making quick hiring decisions. These KPIs can even help to fine-tune the entire hiring process, thus ensuring that you end up with a quality hire. Further, keeping an eye on some of these benchmarks benefits the organization in the short and long run.

Let’s find out some of the crucial background verification metrics, how to measure them, and how to leverage them to get the most from your employment screening process.

  • Screening Time


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional workplace environment. Be it meetings, presentations, or team discussions, they are all happening right from the comfort of home, with hiring being no exception. For small firms and large corporations, the current landscape has created an immediate need to fine-tune policies regarding remote employment. But amid the new norms of recruitment, one cannot overlook the importance of pre-employment screening.

Organizations must understand that work from home is not a passing fad. Over the long term, both working from home and remote hiring will become more routine than they ever have been. …

Welcome Back!

Or, if you have just finished part 1, welcome to part 2 of why entrust FactSuite with your employee background verification responsibilities?

In the second part, we’ll throw light on some more features and benefits offered by FactSuite to make the process of employee verification hassle-free. But before we dive into these features, how about recapitulating part 1 quickly?

FactSuite as Your Employee Background Check Partner — Part 1: A Recap

In part 1 of this series, we understood the importance of pre-employment screening for both startups and established companies in ensuring workplace safety. We listed several verification…

Be it a budding company or an established conglomerate, hiring a new candidate is an investment for everyone in the corporate world. Therefore, the hiring managers are assiduous when they hire people to fill a position in their organization. But with false claims on their resumes and the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach in an interview process, many bad hires sneak into the company, thus, putting at risk its workplace safety and work standards.

With such instances becoming increasingly common, the process of employee background screening comes as a relief. A background or pre-employment screening covers identity verification, criminal history, educational background, and…

Why HR Compliance is important?

Complying with HR rules and regulations rests at the end of the priority list of many startups and small businesses. They have either just forayed into the industry or are looking forward to acing the competition, and thus, they have their focus locked on growth and development. As a result, they spend less time on their human resources.

But it is in the best interest of small businesses to be HR compliant. With HR compliance, a small business ensures that the employees are taken care of. …

Are you a fearless HR leader?

There was a time when the responsibilities of the HR department were limited to just the hiring and orientation part. But today, HR leaders and managers have a commanding role to play. From building the company’s culture and sustaining it, employees’ training and development, to their overall satisfaction, the bucket of an HR leader is always full of such challenging tasks.

The pandemic has further brought into the limelight the value of HR leaders. In these unprecedented times, they have shouldered the responsibility of supporting people to navigate the new normal. …

A brand is not an entity without a face. It lives, it breathes and it definitely communicates. A plethora of branding strategies is laid down by entrepreneurs to place their brand on the top of their target audience’s mind. And many of these strategies work too! But the real architects of a great brand are the people of the organization. These are the people who have come together in pursuit of a common goal. Together they bring into existence certain attitudes and behaviors called CULTURE that further aids in brand building and development.

Alas, this human element loses its voice…

Pre-employment screening ensures safety at the workplace, but only if it’s conducted flawlessly. With a foolproof employee background screening in place, a business can identify false claims made by the candidates and eliminate activities that would be detrimental to the brand’s reputation.

While employment verification is gaining popularity with every passing year, many companies still make these mistakes during their employee background check and end up with a bad hire. Listed below are common screening mistakes made by employers and how they can be avoided.

  • Consent — Because It’s Background Check, Not Spying

The first and most common background verification…

Gone are the days when the employees background check was limited to last employment verification, drug, and criminal record. Today, companies around the world give paramount importance to workplace safety and therefore keep exploring smart and advanced ways of background screening.

To keep bad hiring at bay and foster a safe and healthy working environment, companies have implemented screening processes that evolve every year. Professional background check companies fill the gap further with new screening technologies that help in obtaining a full dossier on the candidate(s).

It is, thus, advised that HRs, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs are watchful of these…

In the game of football, the familiarity between players’ styles of playing plays a huge role in team performance. That is why new players take a while to adjust to new teams. Research has shown that the performance of pro basketball teams varies according to how long players have been together; in short familiarity between team players. Could this aspect of familiarity be true for teams working in offices? Research by Harvard psychology professor Richard Hackman shows teams perform better when the members become familiar with each other.

So what is familiarity and how does it work? Let’s try to…


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