Working in the Times of COVID-19

Factsuite’s Quick and Efficient Response

It would be an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unimaginable disruption in business, work, and life, the world over. The real effect of the pandemic is unfathomable and immeasurable at this point when we’re in the midst of it.

But, how we act today, would help us determine how we come out at the end of the tunnel and bounce back. Speed, agility, resilience, and reform, are some of the key characteristics that would help us during this time.

At Factsuite, as everyday work routine started getting disrupted, as news of the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic started coming in, we knew it was time to adjust our systems and operations to the change and tangible actions were to be taken. Soon.

Here are a few actions we took that are helping Factsuite’s business continuity:

Immediate Infrastructure Challenges Met Swift Decisions

Our first challenge — 80% of our employees work on desktops in the office. The reason Factsuite chose desktops is one — security of customer data. To facilitate work from home, buying 20 plus laptops wasn’t a viable solution or investment. So our employees took the desktops into their homes. Next came the UPS. The office has provided UPS for an uninterrupted power supply.

Tech Teams Enhanced Remote Working Capabilities

As our IT teams worked to put together an online workshop to take employees through the installation and configuration process for the desktops, our managers and team-leads figured out timetables and schedules for daily meetings and ways of performance tracking.

Leading Remotely, Staying Accountable, Productive

Communication is key, along with clarity of roles and responsibilities of team members and departments. A lack of clarity or incompetency in setting clear objectives would have made remote working harder, but at Factsuite, these are embedded in our work culture. Our team/leaders’ role changed noticeably.

  • Daily calls between team members and team leads.
  • Daily reporting by team members and team leads.
  • Online check-in and check-out register.
  • A weekly meeting with our MD and CEO.
  • Motivating and energizing teams through content.

Tackling the Bigger Challenge — Security of Customer Data

Most of the customer data is stored on the office desktops. The question: how to re/assure our clients the safety of their data? Two key people made this possible: Factsuite’s IT team and Factsuite’s clients. As our IT teams prepared, in advance, processes, workshops, and equipment, to be installed in our employees’ homes, our clients supported us with complete trust and empathy. This made the challenge of data security much easier for us.

Between Excuse and Solution, We Chose the Later

At Factsuite, a lot of the background verification functions are dependent on physical meetings, field staff going out and getting addresses and background checks.

While we could have given an excuse for not being able to carry out tasks amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant lockdown. We instead resorted to solve this challenge & turned to technology. Factsuite is in the process of building and launching an app that will enable us to carry out our field checks without any disruptions. The teams are working hard to launch the app soon.

Caring for Our Employees

This is a time for organizations to focus energies in the direction that needs the most attention. Hence, we use resources efficiently. Factsuite’s functions are highly dependent on its customers’ hiring cycles. Considering hiring is not at its peak and that the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered hiring freezes right now, we decided to give our employees a 5-day working week.

Alongside this, we have to tackle another signal that crisis situations send out to employees — fear of losing jobs. To help them overcome fears and anxiety, our HR team shares motivational content — videos and articles to keep spirits high.

Learning Now to Enhance Our Future Practices

In just a few weeks, we’ve realized we are adapting to new habits and behaviours that are likely to remain with us after the crisis ends. In these, we see opportunities, to learn, to adapt, to innovate, to be open to new possibilities. For example, depending on the efficiency of our new app, we may continue to perform functions through the app, freeing our workforce and staff for other tasks.

A lot has changed, but it seems nothing really changed at Factsuite.

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